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Originally Posted by SEFishy View Post
Heres a thought. If i planned a time and date to start a lobby and drop every rare item in the game including lots of black rarity would anyone be interested in picking something up?

Can also drop every skin/head in the game too.
that would be nice. also we should set up time for mbc have meet up to farm for items too. since i know we could get 4 player pc xbox and ps3 groups going since we have enough people for it. only issue i have is i farm the hell out warrior and most part best items i get are e-tech or once in awhile a good rocket launcher. so hard to find some good epic or orange item the are called. i been luck to a lot of items under lv44 but when it comes to lv 50 items i only have one and is Lyuda is a Legendary Sniper Rifle. also with fact they made tiny Tina cobra sniper rifle drop like a orange drop for blue rare. is way out of whack. it would be fun to be able to play with more of our members here.
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