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I was on the North side... and yeah it was a good ole fashion pushing in of the... well you know. It was ugly ;-)

Seriously though having hunter safety orange as your arm band vs. fern green seems a bit wonky to me! I don't think I've ever won while playing out of N base.

Also, WTG whoever lit that hut on fire with the smoke nade... I'm guessing we'll see a new regulation on smokes next year, lol all of a sudden the whole right side was really smokey... my buddy was in that hut.

The DAM was great with that IZON sight. I was really able to post up on people wherever I was grinding it out. Great defensive scenario marker and I never felt like it was bulky when I was bushwhacking. I run it bottle only, works perfectly fine with a 68 and a nice n grippy exalt cover. Very stable shooting platform.

I'll get a pic on here soon. Ran my stiff-tip all weekend but it looks awesome with a 10" tip... also my Armson 13" (nightstick heavy beast) threads in nicely and is sooo loud :-)

Just wish I had a chrono so I could tune it now that it's had some good field time.
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