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Originally Posted by Lead-Foot View Post
Something made me sick over the weekend and I'm pretty sure it's the sketchy subway chicken I had. My stomach is F'd up and I haven't been myself because I'm so uncomfortable. I'm snappy and intolerant, I'm hungry as hell but have no appetite. Blah
Seems I jinxed you with the joking about food poisoning.

Originally Posted by Lead-Foot View Post
We also talked about people who are always on MCB who rarely play, I'm guilty of this. I dont have many local friends.
Me too this past 7-8 months. Waynes scratched that itch for me. I miss the year round play weather and close fields in FL.

Originally Posted by chrislognshot View Post
i have the other issue no work and had some medical done to me. and only local field near me is 30 min drive. and its faster then hitting highway.
30 minutes is nothing, I used to drive an hour to XPX and 90 min to Wayne's when OCP was 5 minutes from me. Heck, I just drove 18hrs to play the Finale. lol

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