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Keebler: I'm still re-reading this trying to see what you said to set NSGSplatmaster off.

What you recommended in your post would actually be a lot of fun. No equipment worries at all, just go out and play some paintball. Of course players tend to be in love with their equipment and refuse to use anything else, and would refuse to play. I would do it though.

Perhaps an offshoot - when field owners/refs see a guy with top-end equipment walking onto the field with some newbies/walk-ons, he hands the guy a VL-200 and says "use it, or sit this one out". Again, unfortunately, many would simply find another field, and the owner would be out some money.

It's difficult. The best we can really do is lead by example, play well, play fair, and be a good sport, and help out other players (even the guys on the other team). Nothing (and I mean NOTHING) gets a paintball-"snob" angrier than 1) getting eliminated by a guy with a "crappy gun" and the 2) the guy with the crappy gun finds him after the game and says "Nice game". Well maybe "Gun not workin? I have some tools you can borrow, even a butane soldering iron. Help yourself, Bro." (this AFTER he lit me up - and it was NOT what I wanted to say, but the effect was positive).
Yeah this whole thing really is complicated to muddle through. To my knowledge even many mainstream sports have the same issues to one degree or another. I mean we should probably count our blessings that the company exploiting in tourney ball is usually tech related when it could just as easily be performance enhancing drugs. If we find a way to regulate the equipment to where no one can exploit their tech. People being people will always seek an advantage and that could be at the hands of drugs.
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