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Maintenance on a S6

I bought a used S6 about a year ago and play with it once or twice a month. Before I get into my question, have to say I love love love my CCM. Hands down the best paintball gun I have ever owned or used. The dust silver/polished red get so many compliments it is awesome.

Ok, now that that is out of the way. Other than normal cleaning it after I play each time, I have not done any maintenance at all on it. Do I need to? Are there any o-rings that I need to look at? If I need to get a valve tool to work on the guts of it I can.

I usually add a little paintball oil into the ASA before I screw on my HPA tank. But that is it. The only problem I have had is my air fitting are starting to leak a little ever now and then. Which is a good reason to replace them with the new CCM style ones...

Thanks for any information.
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