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I did give my 'Fox a test with the VL-200 in place of the normal 9v Revolution. No issues. No chopped balls or anything like that. I just had to bump it once in a while to maintain flow. Bursts of 5-8 were typical due to the length of the hopper-neck, elbow, and power feed. My 'Fox and I shoot at 8bps most days - maybe a little quicker with an RT, but you still only get 5-8 balls before you gotta shake.

The unknown quantity is the new non-mech hoppers with the internal bridge (Tacamao Arc and Proto Primo). I have not tested one yet, but there are claims of 11 bps from the Tcacmo, and Proto claims 8+bps for the Primo.

Good luck on this, if you bring it to North Georgia, I'm in.
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