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Originally Posted by capitalpaintball View Post
Just got in my first batch of Hammer7's.
I am really impressed by these, but there are a couple of things that need addressing.

first as soon as you get it check the cup seal, maybe add a drop of blue locktite, after only a few shots the cup seal was coming unscrewed.

second. the stock barrel's interior looks awesome but I wanted to try a few other barrels and found that none of the 1 inch based barrels fit because the pump handle is in the way. No Dye, Proto, Smart parts, Armson or Lapco I had would fit. J&J is fine. I am sure that with a little sanding they will clear, but its something to look at for future runs.

As I said I am very happy with these. sold out of my black already and my green ones are almost all spoken for when they come in next week.
Thank you for your input, i'll bring that up to operations.

If you want more black, your going to need to order now. we are almost oversold for the month of Dec. Which would put you back to January where we expect to be caught up.
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