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Originally Posted by ta2maki View Post
So 8 years is not enough time for someone to change? Watching terrible events unfold can be viewed very differently for those in different parts of the world. The internet has given us the ability to see more of the truth, but mass media will still put their spin on events to sell the story they want. Being angry at someone from reading a few tidbits of one article seems a bit premature.
Sort of like being angry at hundreds of thousands of people you don't know and calling for the slaughter of them, their wives, and their children because you're mad about something they didn't do to you?

He's an ***, words have consequences just like actions. Issuing a press release saying you're sorry because you stepped on your junk in public (happens all the time, "souljaboy") doesn't make it go away. IMO it just shows your character even further by thinking people forget so easily (even though most do).

I'd still punch him in the junk given the oppurtunity and he's getting off the hook easy with that.

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