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Sort of like being angry at hundreds of thousands of people you don't know and calling for the slaughter of them, their wives, and their children because you're mad about something they didn't do to you?

He's an ***, words have consequences just like actions. Issuing a press release saying you're sorry because you stepped on your junk in public (happens all the time, "souljaboy") doesn't make it go away. IMO it just shows your character even further by thinking people forget so easily (even though most do).

I'd still punch him in the junk given the oppurtunity and he's getting off the hook easy with that.
maybe the song IS how he'll kill slowly and painfully, you're military and you don't seem to like the song.

yeah, but if souljaboy didn't apologize, he'd be worse off. it's an already dug hole where it's damned if you do, damned if you don't. he still chose the "less bad route." i'd be interested in hearing psy's current answer on live tv too. depending on how he behaves it can redeem or ruin him for a lot of people.
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