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Splash Luxe - Orange/Blue Splash

After much deliberation, Iíve decided to sell my lovely Luxe. I purchased this directly from Corey of Seattle Thunder and (sadly) itís been used maybe twice since. It was his back-up gun and was lightly used by him before it received a full tune by Darryl at DLX (9ms for the dwell, no hint of FSDO) before being sold to me. It works perfectly, there is no need whatsoever to ďtweakĒ anything (and if you donít want PSP mode). Iíve seen plenty of Luxes on the field and I can assure you this thing does nothing but put ball-on-ball ropes wherever you point all day. I honestly do not play enough to justify hording this beauty. With all that being said, it is FOR SALE ONLY. The lone exception would be a GMAX Shocker of which we may might be able to work something out.

Luxe 1.5
2.0 Bolt System
All standard goodies
Magic mojo (priceless)

$950 OBO shipped via USPS

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