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i have not read the books, but i like what i see from tyrese so far so i may be biased, but it seems like the show is setting up tyrese to lead.

after everyone is acquainted, and if still alive, there's just tyrese left as a stable leader. hershel's too old to lead a group out; glenn and maggie are the opposite who need to head out for supplies way too often; rick is going through his ptsd; andrea gets manipulated too easily; michonne won't trust everyone enough to lead them; axel lacks leadership; carl and beth are going to have to take care of the baby; carl is still bratty; if meryl gets back, glenn and michonne will never accept him as leader; daryl has had all the chances and skills to lead and clearly prefers not to unless necessary (scalding the group for being the only one searching for sophia); and i think the new white guy and his son from tyrese's group are going to die soon anyway

that leaves just tyrese as the logical leader they should choose, but of course the show would be boring if the characters do everything right, so it probably won't happen in a long time, if ever.
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