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I been playin paintball since 1999. And up till last year I never had use for an electro and thus never owned one. Was strictly a pump and Automag guy. I often find pump more enjoyable and I usually had a Mag around that could hang with the electors.

But last year i decided to give electro a try (no ramping though as I always voice against it and am Not a hypocrite). Decided to give it a go with a cheap marker first and upgrade if I liked it. So picked up a DP E1 and I will say it was pretty cool frighteningly quick when I got trigger set for my tast and started ripping on it. But after playing a game of speedball and dumping a hopper and three pods with in the single round it has been relegated to my gear bag as a backup. My speedball setup lately been my SL-68II pump.

Now I decided to just get rid of the electro. Sure they have there benefits but I shoot a Tippmann pump and a AGD ULE Automag as my primaries with a classic mag and Sheridan PGP also in the arsenal. Chance I will EVER need a gun as a back up are slim to none
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