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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
speaking of the devil

it reads like a very "orchestrated" apology? for the lack of better words? can't put my finger on it.

it's a lot better than a lot other celebrity apologies where they put in an undertone that they think people shouldn't be mad in the first place though. you know, those "i don't think i did anything wrong but i'll admit i did if it makes you feel better" type...
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Yep, they all generally have that "written by an overpaid speechwriter" air about them. Same goes for the one issued by the previously mentioned "souljaboy".
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It reads , like oops,........well,........ I really didn't,.....crap,......... I hope this isn't going to hurt me making money.
Crazy celebs keep PR people like my buddy rolling in cash. So the next time you see a celeb **** up, just remember theyre helping the economy by keeping someone working to cover up their ****
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