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A question for you carnivores... Now with a review! (page 2)

So my wife, having gone to culinary school, has a taste for dang near anything. She has a quest to try emu. Unfortunately here in Pittsburgh, there are no emu farms within a fair distance and shipping from online orders is ridiculous. So, a short drive downtown to the Strip District (which is basically a market district) and I came home with some goodies. Anyone ever try kangaroo or ostrich? What about python? Yes, I bought python, kangaroo, and ostrich. But I am having an incredibly difficult time finding how to cook the python. I'm not necessarily concerned with a recipe, but how it needs to be cooked, temperature wise. Show me your diversity MCB! Who can answer my question?

What is the correct/safe way to cook and eat python (fillet, not ground meat)? Is it beef like, still mooing to charred? Or is it like chicken, cook to x temp or you die?

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