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cocker parts , body kit, soft goods

Need to raise some fund for my j12. Offer trades if you want, only thing I'm really looking for is a slider frame or 2.Prices are shipped, paypalled, and OBO as always

try to keep a minimum of $15 to save me on shipping

ST lpr (no flaking) - $20
palmers QEV's - $15 for both
kapp pull pin - $5
cp on/off asa - $20
dye asa (tool mark on the knob) - $20
e1/worr frame blade trigger - $12
body kit (there has been alot of work done to this since I got it) - $80
flex parts (all brand new, never use)
black frames- $20
smoke lens - $20
KM camo straps - $20 each
eclipse sandana - $10

Jackal RDL, Works autocoker, Dragon Timmy, Dye dm3 F/S/T

WTB Eclipse F1 cocker or any undrilled eclipse bodies

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