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Hi all,

A little background first: I'm a veteran player returning to the sport after a hiatus (last played in 2005, started playing in 1997). I own a VM-68, Tippmann A5, Pro-Carbine and Phantom.

I've noticed that a lot of familiar manufacturers (WGP, SP, ADG) have gone the way of the dinosaur or have very limited exposure in this new age of electropneumatic wonder-guns. I've seen that a lot of new manufacturers have sprung up (Empire, GoG, Dangerous Power, Eclipse - not just E-cockers any more).

I'm looking at re-entering the sport with a new, middle of the road, whiz-bang, light-weight electro and want to know what companies to look at. In this up/down economy, I don't want to buy a gun and have the manufacturer fold a year down the line. I want a solidly produced gun with good fit and finish that isn't going to crap out after a single season. I want something durable and reliable that isn't a Tippmann.

I'd like to avoid specifics as far as gun models, but which manufacturers should be I be looking at and which should I be avoiding?
I'm in the same boat you're in. I've only been playing about once a year for the past 7 years so I haven't updated my gear. (Still shooting a Halo and Shocker SFT) and I'm seriously looking at Dye equipment, you should checkout the Reflex's they have, good value for the price.
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