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the Ninja 13/3000 tank worked fantastic on my phantom, but had to top off a few times during the day. i also played a few games with a PMI-II, but only had 3 12-grams for it

I also discovered that my AA Melee is due for re-hydro (its last one ever) and blew a burst disk. Weighing the options now:
re-hydro and replace the burst dis
re-hydro and buy a new reg (since the Melee has not been a picture of reliability or consistency; leaning toward Ninja re, but open to suggestions)
scrap the tanks and buy something new of a suitable size/capacity for a Blazer (maybe the 90/3000 aluminum Ninja, for the few times a year I can't easily use CO2, I'd rather not pony up big bucks for another carbon fiber rig)
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s'ok...I'm takin' it back...

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