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Originally Posted by Schmitti View Post
Good points on the bulk CO2 tank.

Down where wycke lives (and where I used to live) most if not all SCUBA places are the only ones that will fill a SCUBA tank.... and only if you are a certified diver. The dive shops (I can think of only two in the area) didn't want some yahoo coming and getting tanks filled "for paintball" and then going diving in the local quarries or rivers and killing themselves. It was a big liability issue. And the bulk places wouldn't deal with it because they didn't want to put air in the tanks that might have had gunk in it and have you decide to use the tank for an air (because you couldn't get it filled at the dive shop and really wanted to go dive that quarry) or sell it to someone who did.

Maybe I got lucky but I bought a scuba tank this summer in that area probably from one of those scuba shops. I had the discussion with the shop owner about that very situation of problems of getting the tank filled without being scuba certified. He told me it wouldn't be a problem, I haven't had to refill yet so we'll see

The welding shop also does a simular tank swap but you own the tank. When you need a refill they just give you a new tank. It was pretty cheap if I remember right.



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