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That Dark Earth was a tempting color but I have so much gear in Olive and it looks really clean with the rest of my setup. The DyeCam model won't be around for a while it seems and I find the dyecam guns to be alot darker and more red than the dyecam playing wear.

I cant wait to get more magazines. I've got a 4x mildot scope but the rotor doesn't clear it. If I could buy a new vlocity feed cup (that isn't cut down) I bet I could run a hopper on it with the scope but I wouldn't mind running mags only and FS rounds at a scenario. If I had 4 20rnd mags and my two stock mags I'd have plenty of rounds to pour on them and the scope sights in pretty well. I might try to find lower scope rings... The ones I have are a bit tall.

A 2x red dot sounds cool, just make sure it will clear your chosen loader... I might look for a nice low magnification/short red dot. Also, I shortened the rail length and you can still install the front cap on just the one length of rail, it looks so clean. There's a crude iron sight built into the front cap and rail... You can see it even with the IZON installed. Works pretty well for a second reference and if you have the IZON sighted for a longer shot like mine is.
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