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Originally Posted by toymachine View Post
So the closets I've come to actually owning a sheridan type gun was playing with my cousin's kp2 and his dad's hurricane when I was a kid. Well, I guess I actually do techincally own a sheridan based gun (typhoon), but t doesn't really count. Anyways, now I'm older and after playing with a PMI2 last week I've kinda fallen in love.

Haven't absolutely made up my mind as to what model (looking into pgp/pistol setups) I will be buyings, but it will probably run on 12g and either a spring or stock class tube. If I don't go the small pistol-type setup I might end up using a 4oz or 9-12oz.

I've worked on my cousin's kp2, understand how they work - more or less - and how to play with them. I'm just wondering, as to a new owner, is there anything in particular I should buff up on or look out for? For starts, this is something I've always wonders - what is that ball-bearing on the left side of some kp's for, keeping the bolt closed?

I guess a lot of it has to do with the specific model I buy (well, it's actually a holiday present from my secretary, no joke, and she just told me to choose something and put the seller in touch with her...), so I'll update this thread with the info when the times comes.
You're hijackin' my thread bro! haha

I presume the 'ball-bearing' you are talking about is the ball feed detente from palmer's:

Those are used to prevent double feeds if you happen to have issues with that. I tend to load paint into the marker very slowly just to make sure that I don't double feed.
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