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Originally Posted by Patar View Post
Spyridon's caught my interest too, I'm just worried about how my klutziness is going to play out in VFFs... I have an unhealthy habit of stubbing my toes on things, and sometimes it takes a turn for the worse and something gets twisted up. Is that even a legitimate concern? Even if I'll be playing ball out in the woods?

Other than the spyridon, the Vivobarefoot Neo Trail is looking like a pretty good choice too. Anyone have any experiences?

EDIT: appreciate the quick answer Deuce
I'm generally the same, it's due to not having enough feedback in my footwear. I find it's much less of an issue wearing VFF. The biggest issue I've encountered is they can act like a yard rake. They love to catch grass and leaves between the toes. Occasionally I have to stop to pull the junk out.

Also if you're not used to being barefoot you'll want to work into them slowly to let the muscles build up in your feet and lower legs to avoid injury from overuse of the unused muscles.
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