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If ya feilds offer easy access to HPA and you play mostly at feilds (not outlaw balling) and your shooting markers that run fine on HPA (not old brass or tippys that REQUIRE Co2) i see no reasone why one would want to shoot Co2 over HPA. A 13ci3000psi tank is cheap and PERFECT for pump offers acceptable shot count especially for pumps and is no heavier or bigger than a 9 or 12oz Co2 tank.
I can run my Phantom on HPA no problem, just swap out a spring.

However, my 3.5 oz will get me around 300 shots. A 13/3000, a bigger tank, will only yield me about half of that. The weather in Ohio rarely changes that drastically in a day to where I need to rechrono (maybe 10 degrees from beginning of play til the end). I'll stick to Co2 as long as I possibly can as long as funsi00 keeps getting bulk tanks

Co2 may significantly decrease in popularity, but it will never die out. 12ies will always be around, and until certain industries find a replacement for Co2, you should almost always be able to get it in bulk.
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