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Originally Posted by moving_target View Post
I'm all for loaning gear to a buddy, but I'm not going to let them use me to be a cheap-*** about things. There's a difference between offering to loan gear to a pal and mooching off of somebody.
This. My friend and I bought a TON of gear so we could have a lot of people we know around 40 guns, 20 masks, barrel plugs, tanks, etc. We let them play the first year with our loaners, just to let them get into the game. After that, we kind of show them what to look for in a gun so they can get their own. I would say 75% of them who play every time with us have done that. While we don't mind lending out the stuff (we did buy it for that), but don't be a mooch and do it EVERY SINGLE TIME. Most of the guns we bought were $10-$30 spyders, tippmans, etc. Deals are out there if you want to get your own.

But I have noticed, we do have a ton of fun with just basic guns out there. The highest end guns that we have are a couple of black magics, an at10, a RT Pro, and a reflex rail. And we rarely even play with those guns when we are out there. With the RT we normally take it out for one game just to show noobs what a good mechanical gun can do.

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