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Automag valves

Alright so in my search for mag parts I noticed the many different kinds of valves. I figure you pros can lend me your knowledge on this subject.

So far the list for me looks like
Updated list for posterity

  • Rental
  • AIR valve
  • MiniMag
  • MicroMag
  • Classic RT
  • Sydarm
  • Classic
  • ReTro
  • ReTro MicroMag
  • Retro Pro
  • X-valve
  • E-mag
  • E-Maxx
  • Centerfire
  • SmartMag
  • ANS Phase II

My curiosity picks up at the centerfire valve as I just acquired an automag with one on it (well it's in the mail on it's way to me).

Another thing I noticed is the number of E-mag valves popping up for sale. Is there some inherent difference between the E-mag valve and the X-valve, which I understand is the current pinnacle of automag technology.

I've read up on the AGD virtual museum but it's not giving me the answers I want. Satisfy my curiosity and hunger for simple mechanical history. Thanks all.


Extra reading: AGD valve information Thanks for the link spider!

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