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thanks MrBig I'm gonna go with the ccm 86 frame - I mean I'd much rather have a k-frame but other than budget issues and their rarity the radii of the 86 frame is the closest I'll get afaik. What I'm looking for is a frame where it's easy to kinda position the gun in my hand to turn/cock the bolt and chamber a ball. For whatever reason I find it's more comfy when there isn't a sharp flat angle as with 45 frame (I need to change the title of the post - I wrote I was looking for a 45 frame because I had no idea I'd have so many options!).

On a slightly unrelated note, I have a couple other questions:

With the CCM frame, the snatch grip looks like it'll protrude at least .5" past the end of the PG's rva (pictured in first post). Can I use normal sheridan RVAs that are a little longer on the PG? If so, anyone around here make/sell them?

In terms of a speed feed thing, any idea whether this will fit on a PG given the larger end section of the bolt?

In terms of barrels, I know a bunch of folks who can modify the barrel (to clean it up, install a longer/ported one, etc. etc.), but I'm not really interested in this (yet lol). However, I'd like to find a muzzle break or flash suppressor or something. Any idea where I can find one for a stacked three tube PG/original PGP (assuming it has the correct ID, I have one for my typhoon, which I could cut out two slots, so it could slip onto the barrel yet clear the upper and lower tubes, but I'd rather get something made for this specific job)?

Thanks for the help!
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