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Received mine tonight (thanks Manning!!!). Only gripe thus far is the grip. The way it protrudes doesn't bother me, as the grip is rather stiff (finger groves aren't squeezing in); but rather the distance the grip is set below the trigger and guard. I have a size 9-10 hand, and the spread between my index and middle finger is kinds wide. Installing a set of grips from my SA-17, I can fit both my middle and ring finger above the first finger groove. It's as if the frame was made long, and the grip mounting points were referenced from the bottom of the frame. It's a slightly uncomfortable thing. It probably won't mean anything in the middle of playing.

For the time being, I won't bother with the breech screw, as I will more than likely use this mag only. Speaking of the mags; after messing with it for about a half an hour, I was able to get the mag inserted pretty easily by choking up on the mag during insertion. A firm jab and the mag is secured into place.

I'm stoked to see how this gun does with the First Strikes. Anyone test this gun with 12g's yet?
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