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Originally Posted by uv_halo View Post
I still want to know if there are public records or news reports about what happened to BOA.
-As would I.

I remember there being some pretty major buzz about it back in the day (somewhere around '98) but it seems most of the places it was posted to have long since been lost to internet entropy.

In poking around, the only relevant link I could come up with was this PDF on Vintagerex, but it's not about BOA specifically, it's about a guy that owned a BOA barrel.

Looking of WARPIG, one of the few remaining online presences from back then, all I can find are events articles that note BOA has a booth at the vendor's area (in '96 and '98 specifically) and I ran across one blurb where Bill asked Dan Greening- the BOA honcho- about it, and supposedly Dan said the ATF still hadn't filed charges.

This post over on TechPB suggests that it was combination of a lawsuit by Smart Parts, and then the ATF thing, that combined to put them out of business. I do vaguely recall something about SP suing over the fact that BOA was using rows of spiral porting on their barrels (which is/was, at the time, patented by SP) but I guess I thought that was more of a 'cease and desist" thing, than something that cost BOA legal fees and court time.

I'd heard- and of course, we can all trust internet rumors - that there was a full-fledged raid, with BOA's equipment, paperwork and materials all being boxed up and hauled off. I'd also heard that BOA had spent upwards of $100K defending the case, but that might have been from defending both the SP and ATF cases.

But no, I don't think I've heard the 'true story', so I'd be interested to know as well. Also keeping in mind that it may well have been that BOA the company, was nothing more than Dan, in his garage, with a lathe and some soldering equipment. And "out of business" may have meant that Dan just decided it was too much hassle, and decided to drop the whole mess.

I honestly don't know- BOA was kind of a big name at the time, and there's still thousands of his barrels out there (I have at least three, and I've seen half a dozen listed for sale within the last few months) so I kind of always assumed they were at least a multi-person business.

Anybody know where we can dig up the real dirt?

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