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Originally Posted by bricew25 View Post
Wow thats the type of prices I am talking about ! Would the BST have bodys/interals and trigger frames for those prices? Im really love the looks of the older 99ish cockers with right side feeds if they have nice anno jobs
Here, lemme help.

Tanks, Loaders, Masks, Barrels, Jerseys, Parts, chron and more! Worth checking out!!

He's got a ****-ton of stuff.

Scroll aaaalll the way to the bottom of his last sale post, and then:

Go up eight pictures, get the silver body.

Go down one picture, buy that trigger frame.

Go down one more, pick a regulator. Buy it.

Next go here: 100+ cocker parts

Do Ctrl+F, a box should appear somewhere on your screen. Type "51 complete set of DYE cocker internals", it should scroll down, buy that.

Next go here: Auto cocker pump kit

Buy one, you need a 2k+, NOT a pre-99. Seriously, this is the pump kit you need--Jcurt makes awesome stuff--you wont find anything else that's this nice for this price.

That'll get you started. You still need: a 2k+ backblock, a bolt (can find nice delrin ones, but the aluminum ones are cheaper), a bolt pin, and an ASA. Oh and a barrel

Other people--add anything I've forgotten.

Also, feel free to buy other things, too. This is just a guideline/suggestion.

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