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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post

None of course Skullcandy! I should've known you and crimson would call me on my math !

The AgentSmith style Racegun is honed and tuned by yours truly and has a rail mounted accessory.
The Rail mounted accessory is a magwell for these:

I start a game with 3 12grams.
A 'Shortchange' is to remove the mag(this gasses out the gun) and replace it. This costs me gas filling the now empty 12g in the normal position so I get around 5 mags.
A 'Longchange' is to remove the mag, replace the normal 12g with an unpierced one then put in a new mag. The mag gasses up the gun, the first trigger pull pierces the 12g and adds its joy to the party averaging 10 combat shot mags.

I can slow shoot over 30 shots with my guns, I consider 'combat shot' as a speed that will cost you 10 shots so I figure 20. This is what I average in 5-8bps overall, 3-5 shot bursts fired at 9-10bps with my gear.

HAH! I forgot you were messing around with that.
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