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Pump Milled Mag Seeking Valve!

A letter from this Automag:

"I have a good life in the garage, but i cant brush off the feeling that i am missing something. I have long been denied that which calls to me... a burning need to find a valve to complete me. Ohh how wondrous it would be to mow face once again in the woods where i feel at home. My missing valve is the key to a lifetime of happiness! I have all the other parts i need... a polished pump milled classic body, raw pump milled beta rail, a gas through fore grip, aluminum classic frame (though i suffered a terrible accident a while back that took my trigger guard clean off), Perfect Bore ceramic barrel, a duckbill asa, lapco drop forward, spare plastic grips & red fore grip. Please help me become the mag i know i can be." -Sir Magnum the Magnificent

Whole package $85 + Shipping (probably $8 con-us)


Beta Rail $50
Factory Pump Milled Classic Body - $30
Duckbill Lapco Drop - $15
Frame - $25
Barrel - $15


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