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I've been away from paintball for a few years. In the intervening time GoPro's and youtube have "happened." It's a new dawn for this sport. Players are now finally able capture the sport they love in a way that was never really possible in the past. I remember being so into the tourney scene in the mid 90's, just as it began to come transition from woods to speedball and inflatables started really getting popular. I also remember how excited I was when I heard we may get to sit and watch paintball on TV. To say the least, I was UNBELIEVABLY disappointed at how it was covered on tv. So uncreatively shot and dealt with it was pitiful.

This video is the opposite. SUPER good job.

It is your duty as a paintballer to strap a go pro to some appendage or piece of gear every day you play. We'll get enough footage eventually to make us ALL look cool.
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