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I liked each bike for different reasons; I think my least favorite was actually Jr.'s though.

Junior's was far too large and a bit too busy for me. I think the sheet metal work he did was amazing though, and would've been perfect if he left off some of the gaudier / busy accents they put on it. Had they kept it a bit more simple and clean, I think I would've liked it better. I thought the body work was amazing when they completed it, but was far more "meh" when they unveiled it in its final state.

Seniors was pretty damn cool. I agree with everyone else that the front didn't flow with the rest of the bike, but I think I would've liked it had they not made it so chunky. The CNC work on it was just absolutely amazing. I was hoping they'd anno it in more ridiculous colors though - would've been neat. Then again, I'd put a splash on everything if I could.

Jesse's bike was amazing. I can't believe he didn't place, but I'm also not surprised based on the assumed tastes of the people who likely voted. I think I would like to own his the most out of all of them, simply because it fits closest to my taste in bikes (besides Gas Monkey).

I absolutely loved Gas Monkey's bike - I would absolutely LOVE to own theirs as well. So ride-able and awesome looking. I don't think I agree with a restored bike coming in second in a competition that's supposed to be about custom-built bikes. Not really their fault though, as that is what they do best - and I think they did a great job of it.
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