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Crimson if you want something that looks like a revolver, I've got a design that would look good on you...

Make a hollow cylinder like this grease fitting has:

Drill 6 50cal chambers in the flat side(bottom right), threaded at the back. Into the threads(inside the cylinder) you screw a short tube containing a small spring loaded sheridan style bolt.
The round half of the cylinder(top right) should have adjustable spring loaded firing pins matching the chambers when the cylinder is assembled.

The cylinder would be gassed from the front under the loading lever.

Loading lever? yes, because the cylinder the way I have it measured would be made into a pistol by mounting it on a Colt 1st Model Dragoon frame... change the turn to match 6 50s and you're done except the barrel which has it's own method.

One of the things that originally led me to TaiChi was dealing with the flaming case of ADD combined I have. I'm good to go until lack of sleep and overwork beat down my defenses. Once upon a time I would shut down completely, now I can continue to deal after a fashion but only by dropping a thing at a time as the lights get dimmer.
It's funny, everybody prizes intelligence. It can be a weapon turned against it's owner sometimes...
The demands on me have lessened and I'm slowly turning lights back on one room at a time.

I got a sweet aluminum blank, took it to a machinist and clearly explained what I wanted. I returned to find he'd taken it down so far I had no way to mount it.
I fixed it to the pistol, literally with hose clamps for testing and training.
Now I've got another blank and noone to machine it.
The piping goes in to the front where the banjo went in the pierce block.

Between Plano and MTM there's a box for ya!
I'm getting a sportsmen's utility case Handgun cases and pocket pistol case by MTM Gun for pistol storage. With egg crate foam added to the bottom section it should hold 6 TiPXs

I have tried the junk pouch, but moving it off to one side allows me to anchor the bottom against my leg. That's why I prefer the USMC style dump pouch, loops and molle all over it make it easy to anchor.
In addition there's the nature of HS, it's been there 29 years now, alot of the cover is natural cover, blowdowns and such, so prone is crucial as is the low crawl.

In a true miracle of occlusion I once eliminated 6 players behind this bunker here:

Total height from ground to peak 11inches, width at ground level 18inches.

I can't give up those moments.

I'm big on wearing a cup. Bike makes one that has soft rubber sides and a hard strip down the middle that's comfy once I threw the hard plastic part in the trash.
One of the guy's on the Ford Motor Club team when I first started was 4'6". He shot somebody in the junk pretty much every game...

It's funny there's a big ford paintball club that's still going after all these years and I've never met a single member in the 15 years I've worked there. I guess playing is not part of their deal!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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