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For me, keeping it light is important but I also plan on using FS only so having a scope on it is important, too. The one you see here is a shotgun scope 1.75-4x. Easy to use with a mask on and sighted in at 100'. Very accurate!

I'm not a fan of the look and added weight of the Tiberius ASR but I appreciate the function. This is version 2 of the ASR which shortens the rails and cuts the weight down 8 ounces from 16.

Without the ASR; lowers the profile but now I have at arch long-range shots.

I find it's more comfortable using the stock than the tank. So I plan on running a remote.

Overall, I love this gun. I come from an Ego and hand-feeding FS rounds into a Trracer so this gun is the best of both world for me. I've ordered a MoFo barrel from HammerHead. I have their Dominator barrel which I like a lot but it's too loud. I'm hoping the MoFo with the Bang Stikxx muzzle will help but I'm not sure about the deflecting sound backwards theory. It's the rifling I want to match the fins on the FS rounds. The Dominator on the Trracer w/ FS rounds worked really well.

The only problem I've had with this gun was not inserting the mags with enough force. It would miss-feed and break the top ball. Total user-error. But like I said, FS only for me.

Almost $5/12 round mag when buying FS in the 100 pack! Hahaha, that's nuts but hopefully I'll get kills with one-two shots.
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