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Well the marker has detents but the barrel has an oring that works as a third detent (triad detent system, so two in marker one in barrel)

Haha, indeed.
I'm going the low cost route for getting back in, because price forced me out. I became too much of a marker whore, and was spending so much on equipment and upkeep (read repairs I lacked time or knowledge to do myself)

I could't play anymore. Eventually I realized it was silly to spend on a sport I hadly got too play and stopped, (this was after I left the sponsored team I played for college, I got one more summer with em after freshman year but they replaced me cus I was not around after that).

So I'm buying barrels that go low on ebay, and trying to trade my ion for either a A/C threaded barrel kit or a few nice ones (working on a stiffi and one part ultralight trade now) until I have enough range in barrels to deal with most paint. But thanks, that clears it right up. If i'm having a problem I can always use my stock barrel. Also I should grab a smaller bore barrel for those times the paint is tiny and major roll outs are an issue.

To try and answer another question I've been having...what is first strike?
I never saw the term when I used to play, now its a factor in semi too...whats it mean?
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