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Originally Posted by capitalpaintball View Post
Its for rollouts, I still get some double feeds if i point down while cocking.
it doesn't seem to have any effect on accuracy.
Yes that is a Trraccer venturi bolt which is slightly longer then a Razorback bolt. so my measurements would be off for the stock bolt.
The pump handle JUST makes contact with detent when fully cocked.
GAGH! Won't work on a Razorback III! The pump handle comes all the way back to the grip frame!


I am suddenly hesitant to cut the RB3 - it has such a distinctive look with the shark-gills...

I shall continue to ponder the options.

I could buy a Phantom (for $200), but I would still need to get it freaked ($80ish)
I could get a Grey Ghost ($330), still need that freak barrel ($80), and I don't like direct feed.
I could get a new Trracer or Hammer 7, but they are both ugly as sin...

All it takes is money...
"Sorry, I'm programmed to do that..."
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