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quick update!

Hey guys, its been a while since i posted one of these quick updates!

just finished boring out 2 more barrels today
that brings my yearly total up to..... 275 freak bores!

I have 3 barrels left on my shelf to do...
2 Kaners
1 Orbidium2

My kaner collet adapters got messed up, so i need to make a new set
The Orbidium2 should be able to use the same pads as the kaner, so all 3 are waiting for the pads!

I have a special build in progress for FXAno, its a crazy spike midblock pa pump cocker thing.... its started but needs alot more time on the manual lathe, manual mill and cnc lathe(s)

I yesterday I finished the custom made from scratch Bobbed/Gauged/Vert Air Gas Through Grip Phantom Valve, it came out great.

Is there any interest in a run of bobbed w/ or w/o gauge port vert air phantom valves? Im thinkin i can get a run done in the near future

I also have a few other phantom projects lined up, but nothin too dramatic on that platform.

2013 is just around the corner, and I have a few builds lined up that will be bigger, better and more beautiful than anything i've done to date. (more on those top secret projects later)

As always... I have a ton of unread messages, but im tryin to always get more caught up than I was the day before

I have a ton of work lined up right now, Im excited to see that im consistently busy!

My day job (proturn) is going to be closed for the holidays (12/22-1/2)
I am planning on comin in on my own and workin a day or two, IF i have enough work to justify 28 miles of driving each way

If I only have 1-2 parts sittin here at the end of next week, i'll probably take the full vacation off. If I have more than that, I may come in

That was a little more of a word vomit than i expected... my bad

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