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Swapping fill nipple

So, I have 2 tanks. One is a crossfire 68/3000, one is a Ninja steel 48/3000.

The little air-release peg (the one that is pressed in when you screw in the tank) broke a while back and therefore it would leak.

The crossfire's fill nipple sprung a leak last time I went balling, After i would shoot, bursts of air would puff out of the fill nipple, i could feel it on my wrist.

Since the Ninja's fill nipples was in working condition, I figured it was logical to swap the Crossfire tank's broken one for the working Ninja fill nipple.

Is this alright to do? I figured it was okay seeing as how some stores sell fill nipples as a standalone product. Is there anything I can do to assure that it works next time I hit a field? Teflon tape on the threads or something?
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