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you hit the nail on the head Josh. I'm tried mirrorless cameras and for the money I'd use my DSLR over any of them. My biggest headache is if you go to a mirrorless you're either investing in a relatively expensive adapter to use the lenses you currently own OR are buying into a completely new lens system with relatively small selection at this point and yea as you pointed out a Canon body (I own an XTi) with a 70-200mm or thereabouts focal length and a battery grip is might heavy for all day but swap the 70-200 for a 50 and run with just a standard battery and it's light as a feather. On that note though Josh I did manage to finally score a 70-200 L lens got an F4 version in a package I picked up for $300. I was like Holy ! SCORE!
Luckily All my old manual glass I shot film with in the 90s.......uses a $30 adapter. Get another box on manual glass to be adapted from my Uncle's old camera in the army. All can be adapted cheaply......except lenses without aperture rings.

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These small bodies are cool. Would love one for longboarding. I hate bring a big bag with me. Any suggestions for a mirrorless model guys?

Depends if you want a built in viewfinder or not. The Panasonic GX1 just had some major price drops and its a pretty sweet 4/3 cam but sans a viewfinder. The Panasonic GH2 is also dropping and it as a multi-aspect sensor which is pretty sweet and great for video. If you don't want to drop the cash for an OMD, the epl5 and epm2 I believe have the same new sensor as the OMD just with 3-axis IBIS instead of 5 axis IBIS. The IBIS on the OMD is kinda crazy. I've been able to hand hold some crazy low shutter speed and get good exposures. Like 1/6 handheld.
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