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Originally Posted by 4G010H3R0 View Post
lol.. 45* fittings? Either I lost those in the box/package or maybe you forgot? but that does give me other Ideas. Ill get some more 45* fittings.
I was thinking of getting some JB weld putty trimming down the stock grip and making a "hogue" style of grip and then spraying the whole grip down with "Flex seal" (spray can rubber).
Ugh its either the money goes towards my mag build or something custom for this. Never enough money it seems
I swear I hate and love this forum. We need a MCB lotto
I was fairly certain I put them in with it... Now I'll have to check the case I was keeping it in and see if they're still in there when I get a chance. But yeah, you screw two of those together so that they oppose each other and it makes a nice little dogleg to move the bucket back and down a bit.
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