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Quick report from last night post-unboxing:

-length of pull is perfect for me with a 22CI myth-regged tank with butt pad... feels like a good shotgun length, very natural to use like that! good mask/cheek clearance with that length of tank as well.

-nice stock barrel... I'm a fan. the gun has detents to prevent roll-out, so the bore size isn't critical... I'll likely be taking advantage of the muzzle threading for some kind of badass attachment

-grip panel position: definitely needs improvement here. I unscrewed the grips and shifted them further up and it felt so much better... I'm going to modify them to fit that way.

-also about grips: the grip screws are a wacky little metric size, and the stock screws didn't fit into many of my grips I had available to swap onto the gun... so when I change the grip position I'm also going to change to standard 6-32 threads

-ergonomics around the grips: there will be some file and scraper time to fix some of the sharp edges up near the top, when choking up on the grip with bare hands it wasn't too comfortable there, but easily improved.

-mag handling: no real problem here, although I suspect some chamfers on those 90 degree edges on the steps near top of the mag and inside magwell would benefit easier mag insertion. also, the mag follower pin that sticks out is definitely not long enough for operation with gloves on, that I will need to fix. otherwise they are really excellent mags!

-internals: didn't get the valve apart yet but it's fairly straightforward, as for the hammer to bolt interface there is a bit of kinking but that can be corrected, and it may also be possible to switch to a lighter hammer spring with the right valve tune-up.

-overall fit and finish: great considering the price point.

Actual review and photos and far more detail into it will come soon, field testing will begin after I've mounted my choice of optics and zero it accordingly. I'll be running this gun FSR only for the most part.
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