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Originally Posted by Zepulkinator View Post
Loved it!

The angles where people are moving up and the camera is moving up but at a different angle are really cool.

That song is by Imagine Dragons, right?
You gotta get Grief to come up and play
This spring at SG45 we are trying to have the biggest 3 man pump event EVER, plus you guys would be great to have roll with the SSC Pump Militia

Originally Posted by Orpackrat View Post
Nice shot of Black Sunshine rolling up Always love HellFish Videos, I use them a lot to show people interested in the sport how we play and how much fun it is.

I believe that is one of the guys that came over with Stanchy.
Yup..... ghillie and bright colors.... thats how my guys roll
There is actually a bunch of footage of the Minions and Militia runnin around, im just dyin to see the SSC Factory Turtles 3man footage!!!!
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