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Originally Posted by BLachance75 View Post
I think I want to build an e-cocker this winter. But I don't know much about them. What do I need to know, a few questions below. If I missed anything let me know. I probably won't be ripping on it crazy so ROF isn't a major issue and I will not be using eyes.

I plan on using a pre2k body, it that ok? If you can get enough volume up front, ie expansion banjos.
Do I need QEVs on the ram? They vastly increase the performance with the solenoid and will help you get to highs bps.
Will a stock brass WGP ram work, with or without QEVs? Yes, but see previous question.
I was planning on probably going with a Rock reg. Should be just be fine.
What is the difference between E1 and E2? E1 is a red screen similar to old alarm clocks and isnt as easily read as an E2. An E2 also has more settings, tweaks, andfactory setups that are easier to work with. If you are using an E1 frame, you can mount a Zero-B board and get the same results as an e2.
Would I be able to use a stock Autococker shroud? I like how they look. Not sure on this, I have never tried, but I am sure one can be modded to work.
Do they require any sort of timing or is it done electronically.Lots and Lots of timing involved in these. The E2 has some quick and dirty settings such as factory fast, but to do some real tuning, you will have a lot to play with and at times can be frustrating. A well tuned e-cocker with the right parts though can easily keep up with some of the fastest guns.
See answers in quote.
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