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Just a couple additions to dano_____'s reply:

The QEVs require threaded ram barbs, so most of the really old clippard rams are NOT compatible. IMHO, QEVs are one of the best price to performance upgrades available (and you don't need the fancy/overpriced Belsales QEVs). Also, while any ram can be used Belsales magnum rams are truely divine.

E2 / Zero B are also vastly better on battery life. My E1 would drain the battery while in storage, so if you don't remove it between game days, I was contantly facing low charges.

Old school shrouds do not fit over the EBlade cocking solenoid, so most ditched them. A few companies designed neoprene pneumatic covers instead that look like big barrel condoms.

The one other addition I would make is if getting an E1 frame, try to get a Samurai trigger to replace the bulky stock blade trigger. Mine made a world of difference in feel.

Otherwise, I'll just second most of the previous comments:

- High volume, lower pressure of 2K+ bodies is preferable
- I do love me some PPS minirock over any other LPR
- The Eblade pre-programmed settings for slow, med or fast are a simple button click and do me just fine, so you really don't need to get fancy with the timing. But like all things autococker, the Eclipse manual gives VERY detailed instructions on the huge multitude of settings adjustments for the tweaker.

And just because I can... here's an old picture of

Sadly, she has been sitting on the workbench for the last five years gathering dust.

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