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Even though I'm not a huge fan of RAP I have to begrudgingly admit that their soft gear is VERY good for the price. I've used one of their RH drop-legs for my Zeus for a couple of years now, converted to be used as a low-ride belt holster (I hate stuff on my legs), and it has held up very well. Also one of the few out there to use a button-snap thumb-break retention which is great for drawing quickly if you've stowed your pistol to run a prop or something. I've used the same holster with my Tib and while it was a little loose it wouldn't take more effort than punching two holes with a sharp rod (I use a sharpened coat hanger wire) and threading a zip-tie through the unused part to tighen up a little. I never did because I use it for bigger guns.
It is (or was, not sure if they still carry the same one) available in Lefty as well.

Another good one was the Condor Tornado universal holster which has all sorts of velcro flaps to form the holster how you need it. BT's Universal Multi-Holster isn't shabby either, but I reccomend cutting off their MOLLE straps and doing some surgery to install MALICE clips instead. The straps and the snaps they use are ill-fitting and don't line up with most MOLLE gear. Both are available in, or can be made ambidextrous.

Keep in mind if you're picky about your gear and how it's set up (like me), modifying it is always an option. Even if you don't sew (also like me), the sharp pointy-thing and zip tie method has always worked pretty well for adjusting things.
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