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Originally Posted by Morhaughn View Post
Stock Ionsell for beer/gear money
Fully Upgraded Evil PimpI love my pimps. keep it
Classic Automagare you my long lost brother? awesome and reliable keep it
Kaos Pumpsell for beer/gear money

get yourself into a nice cheap phantom setup, and when your getting pinned down shoot at them from the other side of the bunker or my favorate jump up and single shot them from over the bunker, nothing like a 300 pound guy hopping up and down taking shots haha.
Haha, thanks.
I think I got a trade on the ion, which involves some gear and cash. Getting a nice barrel (Stiffi) another random one (BL Assassin) different bores and some cash.

When it comes down to it, I love my Pimp. It's treated me well, its fun and its the right size for my for rec play. I like a larger, taller marker. I used to like my imp but it was a bit on the heavy side. The Pimp is just something I dig to play with. And few value it the way I do, there going for 100 on ebay... pretty cheap for what to a large extent is a limited run next gen aftermarket Impy (some of which sell for far more themselves).

I love the classic mag. It's SO Friggen Reliable, i can't believe how long it can go without a full break down. Just a bit of oil and you are always ready to play with the mag. And if you get into a beat it shoots ropes. Too bad I can't get barrels for it because of how weird the breach "threading" is on mines body....

I gotta disagree about the Kaos honestly.
I've used many phantoms, many times. 2 of my friends live and die by them. I will own one if I start playing a lot of stock class, but right now I'm mostly getting back into rec ball. Air is free at my field, I'm running a bottle. And honestly, limiting my ammo when no one else is is not something I want. I don't wanna shoot as much, but that doesn't mean I wanna carry a bunch of ten round tubes all the time. Phantoms are the BEST for SC (IMO, many say ducks or buzzards clearly, but for SC I'm all about CCI). The KP has a crisp pump stroke, and tuned right shoots very well. It shoots like a converted cocker but its lighter and I like the way it feels having played with it. I've played with snipers and such before, and I would want a CCM in the future, but the KP is perfect for rec pump games.

I'm not good enough at teaching that ion to convert it lol. Ima get rid of it and grab one of those new GOG mechs soon
I'd like to try one out and at the price....yes please.

Love the mag/imp combo . I been scanning the BST and Ebay for a nice lookin imp. its something I'd wanna own again in the future.

I like the PIMP its a fun one to shoot honestly. Ima thinking is my official nvr sell between the low market and high personal values.

I feel your advice on gear. But if you pick the right used **** it serves you right. Right now I'm not trying to shoot anything that needs a fast hopper. Basic agitated VL should be fast enough for anything Im trying to rock and I have one of those thats working right now. I want a nicer mask, and honestly there is no need to buy new. Maybe I'll buy a new lens, but no need for the actually mask to be new.

There are so many high end guns for so cheap these days. But honestly, unless your pumping between shots or shooting a blowback, none of these markers are different enough for it to be that much of a difference. In a game with walk on players and a new field design I'd take an impulse with a barrel kit over an Ego 12 fully Upgraded with a huge barrel (while we shot tiny paint all day). In the end if that Impulse is well set up and working well its still electronumatic, which means pretty quick and consistent. The barrel paint match is gunna make the bigger difference then the MAJOR upgrades in marker system between those the end just not that diff.
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