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I use a canonet QL17Giii and it's a great little camera.

Be aware that working around mercury batteries will hamper your grab and go idea. The replacement zinc air batteries will fluctuate in voltage and have a short life span which effects your meter. There are some other replacement options and adapters but they tend to be expensive.

I'd look for a camera that can function manually without a meter and then get a good hand held meter. Also avoid anything with a selenium cell meter unless you can test it out first.

Some cameras to consider would be :
canonet, work well in manual.
olympus XA (not manual but uses modern batteries and extremely small)
The FSU leica copies, not small but have nice lenses and are cheap.

If you're just looking for travel snaps also consider some zone focus cameras like the XA2, they're very cheap and the speed of operation is incredibly handy.

There are also a large number of tiny SLRs like the OM series and the smaller pentax's. My Konica TC is only a very tiny bit larger than my QL17 but the ergonomics are much better and it only set me back 30 dollars.

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