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I really like the tone difference between pbnation and Mike's vision for Techpb. Techpb is a better place for parents than pbnation, but I think Mcarterbrown is even better. I wonder if there should be a parents forum on mcarterbrown; maybe call it "So your kid wants to play paintball".
I really like how Mike talks to young players like they are adults and encourages them in the sport. He definitely preaches work ethic and personal responsibility. He expects them to grow up. Mike's videos are more for young players than parents.
You are nearly alone in the parent niche, and more power and success to you and your videos.
ideally he should be recommending parents to search for local forums. it'll be the best picture for their local scene attitude, as opposed to wack jobs from these big forums that they'll never meet in person giving them the wrong impression about their local group.
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