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New member looking for advice on my KP2

Hi Everyone,
I found this forum while looking for advice on my KP2. Having a new baby at home and zero free time has caused me to start going through all my old boxes. I never forgot about them, but I really haven't decieded what to do with them. I have 2 Sheridan markers and a tank. I know for sure I would like to sell the tank and P68. What I'm having trouble with is deciding what to do with the KP2. I keep going back and forth between finishing the stock, adding a spring feed, and adding PPS feed tube cap, or just selling it. The KP2 was purchased around 2000 from someone in Hawaii, even then it took me a while to find one. I sent it to PPS for some work, don't remember all I had done. I used it for 2 days of great fun, I might have gotten one hit, but the most fun I've had on the field. I think it was the star of the show, got more questions then my autococker, or my buddies angle. I then finished school and never played again. I guess what I would like to know is what you guys think the value of my gear is, and what would you do with the KP2? Its a shame to have the marker sit in a box for another 10 years, and I don't want to do anything that would take away from its value. I'm sure some people already hate me for coating the brass, but when your at a Maritime school the last thing you want to look at is more unpolished brass.

First P68

damage to the feed tube, if I remember right it would trap a few balls.

I a few small upgrades, again not sure what

This is the air tank from my autococker, not sure if its even worth Hydro. Sorry, I know its not Sheridan but I would have to make a whole thread about it.

And last but not least my PPS KP2

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