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I got my newly modified Lapco adapter back from their shop and put several hundred rounds though this gun in my yard and am thoroughly impressed with it. I was easily out-shooting my gravity-fed hoppers when I got on the trigger so I tried it again with a Rotor and went to town. To be honest I really like the fact its a composite body because I know I'm going go beat this gun into the ground playing with it. Its a lot of fun to shoot and I will have no reservations taking this thing out in woodsball games, rubbing it up against concrete bunkers, and generally manhandling the gun in order to get better angles. This thing is definitely a no-frills workhorse gun that will get the job done. My only complaint (minor one due to how rare this will be) is that changing the detents is a bit of a pain. Its like trying to change the headlamps on my Prius. LOL.
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